Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Another week, another Brezsny:

"Stand on a highway overpass and scream a dirty limerick into the wind. Memorize and recite your favorite commercial to a grocery store clerk. Get drunk and throw stones at beer cans. Write a love note to Bill Gates and send it to him in an envelope along with $5. APRIL FOOL! While it is prime time to give yourself to uninhibited departures from normal behavior, it's also important that they feel deeply meaningful. Try the following instead: Climb to a mountaintop and scream a provocative prayer into the wind. Recite an anti-war poem to the grocery store clerk. Meditate yourself into an altered state and throw rotten tomatoes at your personal symbol of evil. Write a short essay about your greatest longing, tie the paper to a helium-filled balloon, and send it aloft on a windy evening."

Dunno. I kinda like the one where I stand on an overpass and scream a dirty limerick into the wind. Maybe I could make my prayer provocative that way, and make sure to use the right rhyme scheme :-)

On something like a dare, I once wrote ominous H.P. Lovecraft limericks about evil entities beyond the ken of mankind. I could probably do a provocative prayer at least as easily. Wish I could find those limericks. They weren't great, but I had a really good back-of-the-book spiel to go with the supposed "book of lost Lovecraft limericks". The spiel ended with something like, "yes, that's right, this is the book you've heard called 'Nantuckethotep'".

Some days, Pixar-Tom is a really good influence on me :-)

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