Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Back from Vegas

Much went on.

Conservatives suck. So do liberals. Nevada is full of the former, so I got a much closer look at that this past weekend than usual.

Mainly, stupid people suck. They're just available in both flavors.

I'd heard that polyfolk and swingers had, like, nothing in common. I knew that was true of their more defining characteristics as, y'know, one or the other. I just didn't realize that socially, politically, atmosphere-wise, they're just entirely different critters. After meeting Rich in a bar in a casino, I now know otherwise. Decent fellow, but definitely not similar to the polyfolk I know.

I saw lots. Lots. I should post about it. Much running around was done on a very short timeframe. Nevada still hates me, but travelling with a control freak helps, so the weekend was full of near-misses and massive frustrations rather than actual missed events.

The other Phantasmal developers submitted a lot of code. It needs a lot of looking through. I'm working on it. Still, hey, progress.

And I've now seen two more Cirque du Soleil shows. The two resident ones in Vegas, not shockingly. Go see O. All of you. Like, as soon as possible. And tell Rich "hi" for me if you see him.

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