Noah (angelbob) wrote,

This is actually perpendicular to current efforts -- it's true of my past, but the problem that inspired it is currently on hold.

Imagine that the task of discovering a goal was the task of looking behind many blocked doors. While it's possible to simply hope to find what you're looking for and choose the right door first, that's not a good strategy. Good strategies, by and large, are strategies for trying a lot of doors. Luck plus effort.

I like to get by on cleverness or force rather than persistence where possible. I can do persistence as well, but I've found that persistence is most necessary in endeavors where it does the least good. I'd much rather exert more effort, physical or mental, and take some recovery time afterward.

I'm surrounded by people who are trying to get through stuck doors by a process of light shoving and a lot of tapping. Personally, I'm trying to get through by hitting doors harder and harder with a bigger and bigger hammer. When I find that long effort isn't paying off, my first thought is pretty much always "shit, I need a bigger hammer."

It's been pointed out to me that if I keep this up, I'll get demoralized and exhausted before long. "Before long". Hm. Meaning I don't have all that long to do this. And that means I need to make progress faster. Shit, I need a bigger hammer.

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