Noah (angelbob) wrote,

I went to three parties this weekend, one more briefly than I meant to. But I was the host at one, so these things probably balance out.

My own party went really well. I co-hosted with bk2w-the-housemate. Lots of people showed up despite the (again) awful weather. The food turned out great, I made a thing with bacon-wrapped chicken breasts that I'll probably do again next party. When a vegetarian guest turned out to be hungry I even sauteed some portobello (sp?) mushrooms for her, so even the Vegetarian Contingency Plan worked out great.

And a bottle of port I was sure I'd lost in the move (*sigh*) turned out to exist and be found midway through the party (AW yeah!). So I opened another bottle of thoroughly lovely port which was older than most of the participants. I think I liked the slightly-younger bottle at the previous party better, honestly, but I can now say that I've had port older than I am, as can a number of the other guests. Plus, y'know, a boatload of hurricane cocktail over ice to celebrate the Great White Hurricane since that was the most recent party theme. I think we went through four bowls of that, but Choletta was making them after the first two so I lost track of the total.

Amy's party was excellent. I didn't know enough people there and I don't see the ones I did know often enough. But hey, maybe she'll keep throwing them and I can see those folks more often :-) She made my own preparations for vegetarian arrival look like the crude, poorly-though-out efforts they were. I may need to make some of the little tomato/cheese things they had for my next party, though probably with a dairy product other than bleu cheese.

And miss_mimsy had an excellent party which I wasn't present for nearly enough of. I got a bit of socializing in and watched most of Labyrinth and most of an episode of Farscape, but I missed the director's cut of Legend. Alas! But I was with a guest from Pittsburgh who didn't know anybody present, and movies aren't the best for socializing with people you don't know. Fair enough, she doesn't make it to CA very often. Sorry folks, hope to catch you another time! :-( And you're all invited to my next party -- use the same URL, I'll keep announcing them there.

Definitely a tolerable three-party weekend. Some other things went wrong but they appear not to have gone as wrong as I feared... Don't know how badly yet. So maybe the worst I have yet to worry about is ants. That'd be a relief.

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