Noah (angelbob) wrote,

I'm just about done with my antibiotics for my wisdom teeth, and my jaw has stopped stiffening up. Now if these holes in the back of my mouth will just close up and stop collecting food...

I'm way studied up, and I feel good about things. This test should be just fine.

When I was getting the camera bag yesterday, I picked up a book on nighttime photography. Looks like there's going to be a massive amount of useful stuff in there since I have limited knowledge about exposure times, focal lengths, apertures and so on. Some of this stuff I knew pretty well, but some of it I had no idea about. Now I just need to start doing some night photography. Since it's so centered around exposure times, the techniques should also adapt well to digital photography with its limited dynamic range of color.

Palm rocks! They're sending us all to see the Lord of the Rings on opening day. Since I'm already planning to go with some friends on the evening of that day, I get to see it twice. Yay, decadence!

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