Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Awhile back, Ben and Jerry's came out with a flavor called Half Baked. It's a combination of their Cookie Dough ice cream with whatever they call their brownie ice cream. And at the time, silly me, I thought: okay, they've got my freakin' number. I guess I'll be buying a lot of Ben and Jerry's from here on out.

And I did.

But I made the mistake of thinking they'd come out with the ultimate hook-line-and-sinker flavor for me. That kind of thinking has a way of coming back around to bite me on the butt. Like, for instance, when they more recently released "Brownie Batter". If they ever release Brownie Batter plus Cookie Dough, it'll be time for me to head for the hills before I gain 300 pounds and need a bigger house and car.

As part of my vengeance on the world for this delicious atrocity, I'm inflicting Trader Joe's Brandy Beans on anybody who makes it to the party. It's a dark chocolate bean filled with, you guessed it, brandy. They claim to be 4.5% alcohol, which must include the chocolate in the total because otherwise it wouldn't properly burn going down. Mmmm....

And hey, one last time: come to the party. Everybody. That means you! :-)

If you're inclined to say "what party?" then e-mail me or comment or something. It's on Friday, you've got time yet.
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