Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Brezsny. 'Cause I have to.

"Before he died in 1992, avant-garde composer John Cage wrote the score for "As Slow As Possible," a piece of music designed to be played continuously for a long time. No one has ever actually tried it until recently, when a group of musicians and philosophers in Germany began a performance they hope will last for 639 years. Make them your role models, Gemini, as you launch your own long-term project in the coming weeks. It's the ideal astrological time to commit yourself with strategic patience to a labor of love that could take you all your life to master."

Fair enough. Damned if I know what it'll be, though. I've turned down a number of those chances of late, and stood by one or two things I'm currently doing to the exclusion of everything else (the MUDLib is a big one). But I'll keep this in mind...
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