Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Yay! Made a chisel today in Blacksmithing. I also polished up the metal spiral so it'll stop dropping slag everywhere. I finished three pieces of work in five classes, which is definitely not a bad rate of progress.

Grant the instructor is really good. And he said we're all good enough to take his knifemaking class. It's $300, but you also get to forge yourself a knife on a coal forge. Bladesmiths definitely get to use some cool, weird tools. I'm thinking about it, though for reasons of recent dental work this is the wrong time to blow an extra random couple of hundred bucks.

Also took Sarah the long-ex-girlfriend out to Indian for lunch. I don't see her enough and I have a standing policy of buying attractive women, students and artists food on a regular basis (though not for the same reason in all three cases). Seems like she's doing well, although she got around ten pounds of aluminum for casting when she was expecting 150. Definitely no good.

Released my MUD code to the DGD list not too long ago. Phantasmal version 0.002 is out the door, and sitting around at "". I'm adding, fixing and generally improving madly toward a "real" release to the MUD world at large, probably starting with MUD-Dev. It does some cool stuff, especially the unreleased devel version. I'm proud.

Doing stuff is good. It definitely beats not doing stuff.

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