Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Oof. The weekend was good and questionable and then more of both.

Much yardwork occurred. The back yard has gone from being almost totally covered with 2+ foot weeds to being devastated, uprooted and generally reduced back to being flat. It needs to be weed-eaten again in places, but it's pretty decent except for the places where the weeds were the thickest. They killed off the small stuff underneath, plus we uprooted massive amounts of stuff and churned up much dirt.

The previous people seem to have simply cut them back, over and over, until the root systems were pretty scary. We won't be having that problem next year, at least not with most of them. Gone now.

And by hand. The roots were too strong to pull out with just arms so you had to sort of hold as hard as you can and stand up. Later ones were even nastier, so they had to be partially dug up and then that had to happen.

But we've only got one more, "lest we ever forget," to show off at the party. And afterward I'm sure we'll get rid of that as well. We filled one of those big garbage can thingies with weeds, and we've got at least one more full one's worth sitting on the back patio. And we have a gopher. Yes, I'm aware of the sheer unlikelihood of having "a gopher" rather than "way too many gophers". I choose to be briefly optimistic.

We did that Saturday and Sunday, and then Sunday afternoon the neighbors were cutting back their tree from the power lines, and so we wound up doing that too. Much stuff was bought at Home Depot, a certain amount of angst and agony was had as a result, but I now own a CHAINSAW ON A STICK. Oh BABY. Yes, that's right. A chainsaw. On a stick. CHAIN! SAW! ON! A! STICK! Oh, and I managed to drop a big chunk of branch onto my head while chopping at our tree, so you can blame anything I write from here on out on that. Thank you.

NOTE- if you haven't been invited to the party I'm having on Friday, BOTHER ME ABOUT IT. If you're an LJ friend, the invitation went by. If you missed it and don't have the URL, BOTHER ME ABOUT IT. Thank you.

So yeah, this weekend was the massive amount of yardwork alternating with hanging out with Choletta -- including a party on Friday with some friends. Baking stones make for excellent pizza, KitchenAid mixer makes for excellent cookies, and I need to hit the gym. But I can't lately, I'm doing too much yardwork :-)

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