Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Something struck me this morning. It's about a problem that Bloom County (remember Bloom County?) refers to as the Basselope Gap -- one side has some ridiculous useless boondoggle, but the other side lacks it, and therefore must produce one or there'll be a "gap" of one kind or another. A bit like if the USSR (remember the USSR?) had produced a better, more flammable pop-tart and so we funded Kellogg's to produce a high-explosive pop-tart. I suggest Kellogg's only because they market the most flammable pop-tart on the market today, which sounds like a joke but isn't. Anyway.

Saddam Hussein is, we're told, an unstable dictator who has used weapons of mass destruction on his own (the Iraqi) people. So presumably we're developing our own unstable dictator who has used weapons of mass destruction on the Iraqi people.

It's just as well we're too literal about these things. Either that, or Anthrax and 9/11 count, or we've got big trouble coming up. That would suggest ominous things about the Office of Homeland Security.

That they've developed duct-tape-eating bacteria, perhaps.

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