Noah (angelbob) wrote,


After the first time I saw Varekai, I decided "all right! Gotta do this again. And I need to sit without a support column between me and the center of the stage next time."

There wasn't much time left in the show, so I went for VIP tickets. Specifically, I went for VIP tickets last night (Saturday night). So I've just seen Varekai again.

Awwwwww yeah. Apparently the first time I saw it was kind of an off-night -- one of the clowns wasn't there and the final juggler wasn't quite at his best. Don't get me wrong, it was still one of the best shows of any kind I've ever ever ever seen... But last night there were FOUR curtain calls. We just kept up the standing ovation because they SO deserved it....

And I had seats in the fifth row, nearly dead center.

I did something silly. I brought home a mask. It's not one of the gorgeous ones that's close to $300, but I still probably shouldn't have. I really, REALLY like it though. I'm silly, so I'm wearing it as I sit here and type. As the Dread Pirate Roberts observed in The Princess Bride, they're dreadfully comfortable. Perhaps in the future everyone will be wearing them :-)

Oh! And for the record, I'm now totally sold on the idea that before a really good show, and at intermission, you should sit around with on-duty clowns from the circus sipping decent wine and having wonderful snacks and desserts. I had underestimated the true happiness of the experience and now I realize my folly. Mainly, I didn't realize the hors d'oevres (sp?) were going to be any good. Who knew?

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