Noah (angelbob) wrote,

I got back Sunday from a lovely trip to Erna's Elderberry House, out toward Yosemite. To quote the young lady I took with me: "when you told me about it, I kinda doubted if it would be worth the drive. Now I know."

And yes, I asked to be sure. I'm silly that way.

By the way: Creme Catalan. It's like Creme Brulee, but ridiculously light and foamy. Now I just need to find someplace that serves it less than three hours away.

No sign of my housemate, who I thought was supposed to be back from Connecticut on Sunday. They were having a lot of snow out there, maybe his flight's delayed or something. And the trip sounded like fun, so maybe he's just holding off on coming back :-)

I got loads done today since Broadcom's giving us the day off. Yay, me. Still no haircut, but shoes and the old motorcycle and health-club membership have all been taken care of, as has some additional grocery shopping.
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