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It's pretty cool that the Logjam "current music" thing will just query XMMS if I ask it to, so it really *is* my current music.

I'm going back and editing this to remove names. It's what a friend here does, and it's probably safer not to mention even good friends by name. So yeah, I just did that:

Most of my friends are much older than I am. That's not shocking, but I'm not sure when the real changeover was and people old enough to be itneresting starting putting up with me... A's turning 30 in April, K's what? 31? D's turning 40 in March... Wonder how old B is... R's thirtysomething, I think. Anyway.

N's, like, 23. So there's something that's vaguely grounding. At least *somebody's* younger than I am :-P
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