Noah (angelbob) wrote,

The contractor (finally) came out this morning to look at stuff. We may have the ability to use the dryer and a kitchen faucet that doesn't leak as soon as tomorrow morning. That'd be a damn fine thing. Hanging laundry dry isn't a terrible thing but it'll be much nicer to be able to do it properly.

The electrical wiring isn't as bad as I'd assumed. The main board is, like, 90 amps plus a smaller 9-amp for the air conditioner rather than the 60 I'd assumed from the house's age. It looks like grounding outlets will be a bit trickier than I'd hoped, but it's happening anyway.

Apparently a great deal of good stuff could happen if I was willing to replace the current roof with a proper sloped one. Wiring, gas lines and so on. That'd cost about $20,000. Not just this second, I'm thinking.
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