Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Not related to anything at all, I just realized something. It's not a shock, but
it's one of those "hey, I *meant* to do that... Cool!" things.

I'm at a point where anybody that rejects me based on looks or quick conversation is somebody I don't want to deal with. Anybody who does that needs me to be in a narrow social category, and I'm now genuinely outside every common one. I'm finally at a point where if somebody renders quick, harsh judgement on me, it's the right one for both of us. That's weirdly excellent.

And I notice that most of the journal posts I make now are happy or congratulatory. While that reflects my mood (mostly) recently, it also reminds me of something somebody said to me a long time ago -- "every time is a celebration." Maybe it's time I reclaimed that feeling...
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