Noah (angelbob) wrote,

It's been a mixed weekend.

Had a party on Friday. It was good. Didn't get everybody I'd hoped for, but I got folks I didn't expect. Excellent port was had by most.

Had a conversation I've needed to have for awhile. Things aren't great, but I think they're as they should be. Figure I'll get by on "I did what I should have" until I manage "things are genuinely better".

Saw mj2q who came from out of town for the party. Thanks for making it out, Mark!

Anton is also out here, and is moving up to the bay. Good to see old friends.

My younger brother Seth is out here as well. It was a crowded night in the house, and several of us didn't get to bed 'til 7am.

I took Mark to Dickens Faire on Sunday and got to see some friends pose in the Dark Garden window. Mmm....

Still no net access at home. Speakeasy is having problems for reasons I don't yet understand, so not sure when it'll happen. I may need to fax them a phone bill, which will be easier once I get my first phone bill.

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